Our Love it or Swap it Guarantee

Our Love it or Swap it Guarantee

7 days to Love it or Swap it Guarantee

Ever bought a piece of furniture you thought you loved, took it home and then wished you hadn’t? You’re not alone. It’s something many of us do in our quest for perfection. The thing is, when you’re out shopping for something unique, there’s so much going on in your mind that it’s easy to make a mistake you’ll later regret.

Indeed, when it comes to getting interior décor of a room ‘spot on’, there are many guidelines the professionals recommend you follow when in a showroom. In the final instance, however, it all comes down to how much you remember about your room when imagining the furniture in it. Or, more to the point, how you balance style and look with the function and comfort.

But what if you’re home and you change your mind?

What if you no longer love it? It’s super simple, just swap it! Ask in store for details (conditions apply).

Why ‘Love It or Swap It’?

At Geckoblue Interiors, we believe that customer satisfaction centres on our ability to make sure you’re happy with your final choice. We know we’ve succeeded when you’ve created the comfortable and welcoming space that looks and functions how you want it to for your specific taste and needs.

We also acknowledge that knowing where to start can be daunting and that you’ll have more confidence in your choices if you know right from the start that you can swap them within 7 days of purchase if you no longer love them. Conditions apply.

Perhaps you chose the right style but the colours didn’t suit? Maybe the shapes don’t follow the architectural structure of the room, or at the time mixing old with new sounded really good?

With many furniture stores, you’d be stuck with your regrets.

With Geckoblue Interiors, you’d say you simply fell out of love with it.

7 days to love it, or we swap it

Welcome to how furniture shopping should have always been! Enjoy peace of mind as soon as you step inside. If you’re not 100% satisfied with your purchase, let us know within 7 days and you can:

  • exchange the product for another of the same value,or
  • exchange for one of greater value and pay the difference.


It’s that simple.

Proof of purchase is required, and products must not be damaged in any way. Products purchased using vouchers are subject to the terms and conditions of their agreements. Some delivery costs may apply.

So if you ever feel as though you’ve brought the wrong product for your home, call us on 9527 8531 to ask about our 7-day Love It or Swap It Guarantee.

We guarantee expert guidance

Come in for a memorable shopping experience where there are no pushy sales people following you around, only approachable interior styling consultants who put your needs above everything else.

Our knowledgeable and proficient consultants can help you achieve the look you want. They’ll listen to you and suggest a whole range of ideas, combinations and solutions you might never have otherwise considered.

They can also be consulted on ways to save money in the long run by helping you to choose pieces that match with what you already own or what you plan to buy further down the track. Their suggestions and recommendations are always solely based on your needs for yourself, your family and your home.

There’s no room for guesswork here, we’ve carefully grown a team of specialists trained to help you create beautiful spaces in your home. Most amazingly, our team stands by our service and products in a very special way.

Got a question for our team?

Call Geckoblue Interiors on 9527 8531 today to ask about our 7-day Love It or Swap It Guarantee.

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