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Decorating your home has never been easier with Geckoblue Interiors …

Would it be fair to agree that finding and creating the perfect look in your home should fun and exciting? Not endless drudgery going from store to store or looking online trying to find the perfect furniture and accessories, and trying to that fantastic look you have always wished for… and let’s face it who has the time for that?

There is an easier way, your very own complimentary Interior Stylist is waiting for you in our store, or for a small cost they will visit you in your home, and help you create rooms in your home that your friends will envy! Right down to the perfect cushions, rugs and decor! That’s right everything you have ever dreamed of having in your home is sourced for you, no more endless searching, we do the leg work whilst you can relax.

In fact our team are just as excited about creating the perfect rooms in your home as you are!

And the best bit…..When your furniture arrives, there is nothing for you to do except open the door!  Yes … we actually unpack and assemble it for you (right down to a little bit of polish).

We also acknowledge that knowing where to start can be daunting and that you’ll have more confidence in your choices if you know right from the start that you can swap them within 7 days of purchase if you no longer love them. Conditions apply.

You may have a few questions to ask, if so please call us 9527 3100 or to make an appointment with a Geckoblue Stylists please use our handy booking form here and we will get right back to you soon.

When looking for furniture stores in Rockingham make sure to visit Geckoblue Interiors.